We require masks in the Gallery

Marianna Stolz

Marianne Stolz was born and raised in Germany. After receiving a Journneyman Woodcarver
license from the Wood Carving School Berchdesgarden, Germany, she has been working as an
independent artist. She made Fairbanks her permanent home in the 90’s, where she has since
been carving, teaching at the Folk School Fairbanks and raising a family, a garden and goats.

I am a woodcarver, celebrating the natural world by creating abstract nature-inspired
pieces of art.
I use bold contrast, simple lines, and I am obsessed with negative space.
My art is deeply rooted in the wood. Working with its natural flaws and challenges rather
than against them is an essential part of my inspiration. I use traditional carving
techniques, namely chisel and elbow grease. The subtle texture of the hand-tooled
wood offers the eye space to linger.
I feel responsible for choosing sustainable work practices and materials for my carvings.
For this show I am paying my respect to the neglected and disregarded, but
nonetheless important contributors to our world: Lichens and bugs.
Lichens, which grow at the edge of life, on rock or bark, are genuine pioneers when it
comes to soil formation. From rainforest to tundra, more than 20,000 species of lichens
cover up to 6 percent of the Earth’s surface.
To stay true to the lichen-spirit, I use reclaimed wood for my lichen carvings.
Bugs, or arthropods, the wiggly things with a hard shell but without a backbone, make
up half of the entire biomass of animals on earth. They are true essential workers,
aerating the soil, decomposing, and pollinating.
To spark a closer connection, I portray them as spirit masks.

The Gallery is following strict public health recommendations, social distancing (no more than 8 in the Gallery at one time) 6ft markings on the floor, one must wear a mask to enter. There is hand sanitizer for use, placed around the Gallery.  Everyone be safe! The Gallery is open all month, plenty of time for safe viewing. The Gallery will be open 11-5, 6 days a week.

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