"Spring Melt"

Every spring, I exhale. Another sublime winter has passed and the land erupts in green. Water becomes liquid and creatures emerge to do their spring things.  It’s good to be here, a creature on this Earth.


Living in the far north, the monochromatic winters provide a blank canvas for the imagination where anything can lurk. Color and movement in this landscape feels important and alive, and reminds us of the immediacy of living and the coming spring. Winter in the near Arctic is not only a season, it is a metaphor for hard times where life can be tenuous in terms of survival.  What can we learn from the natural world, large and small, about fortitude and resilience through lean times and adversity? What stories can we tell about climate and these uncertain times? How can we describe the beautiful brevity of life?


More of Jennifer’s work and her story can be found at jmossart.com.

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