Teresa Shannon

“Pottery in Bloom”

Teresa Shannon creates pottery inspired by her life in the hills around Fairbanks, Alaska. Her colorful, playful pots have been exhibited throughout the country. Teresa enjoys sharing her love of clay with her students at UAF.
The work in “Pottery in Bloom” is inspired by the spring and early summer of Fairbanks. Much of the
work is designed to display cut flowers in fun and unconventional ways. They are inspired by 18th century tulip vases and flower-bricks as well as the small animals of the boreal forest (and dinosaurs).
Most of the work is thrown on the potter’s wheel and altered to create the whimsical animals, then
finished with glazes that run and pool in unpredictable ways, like the spring melt.”


Summer Hours:  
Mon - Fri 10 AM - 6PM,
Sunday: CLOSED
Chickadee vase
Chickadee vase

Chickadee vase
Chickadee vase