Shirley Odsather

Still Bowled Over - Fifty Years Later

Artist Statement 


I have been drawn to clay all my life. My Grandmother made pottery in the 1930s and I think she must have been a subtle influence on me. When the opportunity to take a Ceramics class at UAF in 1970 presented itself, I jumped at the chance. 


I love the feel of clay and my favorite process is throwing on the wheel. Making a useful object from a raw lump of clay is fascinating and watching the evolution of a form is mesmerizing.


I have always admired simple clean designs and shapes. So many different shapes slip through my fingers as I make pots on the wheel, but I always manage to come back to clean geometrically based forms. 


While working on this show, I found myself being drawn to bowls. For me there is such a sense of satisfaction in creating a well formed bowl that will be used by its new owner for a multitude of tasks. 

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