Sacha Layos

The Past Builds the Future

In my previous shows, I’ve focused solely on current works. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to go with my work and whether it has changed over the years. For this show, I decided to examine the work I did when I first switched from film to digital photography 5 years ago so I could compare and contrast it with what I am doing now and use it to shape my future work. What I discovered during this process is that back then I had my finger on the pulse of exactly the type of work I want to do in the future: photography that combines elements familiar to the eye with the fantastic aspect of living in Alaska.


The aurora is one of the most fantastic aspects of living in Alaska, but most people don’t spend time getting to know the aurora like I do, so seeing it in pictures seems incredible and sometimes unbelievable. I am keenly dialed into the intricate detail, color, and movement of every display, but not everyone has spent so much time getting to know the aurora, getting frostbite, or sacrificing sleep for this phenomenon, so adding a familiar element to the image helps people to wrap their minds around what they are seeing. This same concept applies to more than just aurora images.


For this show, I’ve chosen to present images--aurora and Fairbanks landscapes--from the past and present which demonstrate these concepts. And I look forward to continuing to create images in the future using the lessons of the past.

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