Brianna Reagan


ink on oyster shell, mounted on antiqued wood

I have spend much of my life in withdrawal;time spent in dimly lit rooms creating new visions; or behind shut doors lost in the world of color; or under headphones with tubes of paint as my only companions. Whether self-imposed or a product of constantly changing home inviroment, the end result that I see beauty in change, and will always seek to show others the beauty in change.

Oysters have a sense of silence about them, a sence of withdrawal and meditation. Known for their formation of pearls, oysters are often a symbol of transforming  irritants into something more meaningful. They are the mascot of change, the epitome of solitude.

This collection of drawing was created while moving through and beyond quarantine.At the core, they are about withdrawal and meditation, exploring any inclination of my mind or thoughts.

Forever an optimist and finding comfort in the withdrawal that came with quarantine,the isolation became a time to recharge. In this respite, and like the oyster that includes their irritants, I accept the changes that came with the pandemic.

With the oyster as my muse and my canvas, I let the tip of my pen wander over the contours of the shell, just like my mind wandered within the solitude.

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