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“Every artist was first an amateur.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The collective of artists at Two Street Gallery draw their inspiration from outside their window in Interior Alaska. This is the time of year that the world awakens from seven months of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and darkness. Hues of green are a backdrop to the long days of sunlight. A direct contrast to the quiet blues and grays that characterize the winter landscape. Each artist at Two Street sees the world in their own eyes and shapes those experiences through metal, paint, clay, fabric, glass, and wood. They have stumbled many times and if you ask them, each will say they have not perfected the Alaskan canvas that is before them. Each may say they are still an amateur but only the eye of the beholder can judge such an assertion. As the landscape awakens to the summer sun, so too do Alaskans, to a new world as our state reopens it’s businesses. We are excited to open June 5 in person. We have learned much over this period including how to join the “virtual world” with a very successful First Friday in May. We are excited to blend our traditional gallery shop with the new wave of promoting our art through more virtual shows and the world wide-web. Being an amateur is a new and exciting phase worth embracing.


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