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“Let’s get a little crazy here.” (Bob Ross)

Did you know that Bob Ross started his painting career in Fairbanks? All of those majestic mountain scenes with the “happy little trees” are a reflection of what Fairbankans see out their window everyday. Fairbanksans go a little crazy this time of year. It’s 24 hours of daylight and the the view outside the window seems to change every single day. Fish need to be caught, gardens and chickens tended to, mountains to climb and rivers to paddle. There are many things that make our part of Alaska unique and art is a great way to share our special part of the world with someone. The perfect wedding gift is a little piece of our crazy. Authentic art that reflects the place it was made is a gift that will be remembered. It’s even more special when you remind the person receiving it that the guy with the funny hair on PBS got his art start here too.


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