Kate Wood,  Raven Card Set, Printed by artist, $28 , 6- 5x7 inch cards, 10oz. 
Six assorted Raven cards, favorites taken from over 100 paintings in Kate’s Fairbanks Raven series. Printed by the artist on high quality archival deckle edged cards with matching envelopes. Ravens are magical often said to take on human, animal or an inanimate object shapes. They are the keeper of secrets and tricksters. 
Daily the Ravens fly from their roosting places out of town “going to work” in Fairbanks. Whether it be guarding the dumpsters, surveying downtown Fairbanks from top of a light post, or assisting in rearranging trash bags in the back of an open pickup. There are always berries to pick and even scraps to quilt, a Raven’s work is never done. 
These make great note cards or a gift for that special person. Enjoy. 

Kate Wood, Raven Card Set, Printed by artist

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