Ravens Admiring the Sunset  Original watercolor on Claybord 

Kate Wood - Ravens Admiring the Sunset

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  • Tricksters of Fairbanks,  the Ravens, very intelligent, rule over Fairbanks. Many ravens roost in covens, outside of Fairbanks and fly to and from daily to “work”. They are characters. They fly over my cabin in route to town, should my Scotties be outside the Ravens never fail to tease them. They are beautiful and black, but not really when the sun catches a feather often it will glow,  jewel like expressing blues, golds, crimson and more. My raven series is for pure enjoyment catching a glimpse of raven personality through color and expression. Usually I  paint them on Claybord that comes mounted on a birch  riser the painting wraps around the edges.  The watercolor has 3 coats of varnish and is ready to hang as is. You will never know what the Ravens will be doing.... enjoy,  check back often.