Wise Old Bird - Kiln formed glass - $195-13.5 x 9 in - 1.25 lb Wise Old Bird is part of a series of glass owls inspired by the noisy hoot owl keeping me awake at night lately. This Great Horned Owl has the typical golden-eyed stare and is patiently scoping the boreal forest for its next meal. It is titled Wise Old Bird as these wise, dangerous but beautiful birds can rule their kingdoms well over 20 years. Wise Old Bird is ready to guard any room in your house and can even be hung outdoors. Shipping, fully insured $25

Margaret Donat -Wise Old Bird - Kiln formed glass

SKU: 2000007
  • Wise Old Bird is crafted with over 100 pieces of hand-cut spectrum 96 glass. It was fired in layers, so it was in and out of the kiln three times.  The eyes glow as they are made of gold dichroic glass (glass with a metallic layer).